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Bhoomi Theatre Team

Welcome dear friends,

News update: Please read B M Giriraj's story in Prajavani Deepavali Special edition. Page 145

This is an introduction to a world which I have always dreamt.
The world where art has no boundaries. No limitations. No hindrances.
No theories. No notions. This is a flow of deeply cherished dreams.
I had always been mystical about all those forms of art which had
always driven me out of this blood crazed, ambiguous, hypocritical
society. There is a sense of pain, happiness, sorrow, ecstasy in each
creation of an artist in all forms. I had been always fascinated
towards the wonderlands of "Theatre". I still remember that hysterical
moment, where tears broke boundaries of control and ran out through
my eyes, when I was accoladed for the performance of my play "Masana
Vyuha" in kalakshetra. For the first time I decided that there will
be my own theatre team.

" They see things as they are and ask 'why?'

I dream of things that never existed and ask 'why not?' "

That was the day (January 8, 2003), when "Bhoomi" was conceived.
But there was no money. No script. No concept to convert into a
script. Bhoomi didn't grow. It just remained a dream. But I had no
intentions to have excuses on our side. "True heroism lies in the
quality of struggle".
So I, made all possible efforts to pool in all
possible resources. There is no draught for issues in India. The
script was also ready. The money too found its way some how. Now
the team!

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Do you think theatre will suffer due to cinema and TV?

"Give me fighters. And I promise you peace."

Bhoomi's call was answered.

It formed a team more stronger than anticipated.

  • Director : Giriraj.
  • Manager : Umaprakash.
  • Technical Designer : Shrinidhi H
  • Marketing : Rakesh.
  • Programmer : Chandrashekar
  • Actors : Suresh, Mukesh, Aravind, Theresita, Arathi.

Click here to know more about them

We in Bhoomi's team have always believed in asserting for a better

world . This is just a beginning. Bhoomi has along way to go on stage,

and in life.

" Together we can and we will make a difference."


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